Android notes #2


The power jack is definitely designed for a right-handed user. I find it exceptionally challenging to use while it’s charging unless I switch to landscape mode. Speaking of which: landscape mode is quite awkward for a lefty if the headphones are in, keyboard use slightly less so. And anything outside in the wintertime is tricky; the gloves I keep at work with the fingertips cut may have to start coming home with me. 🙂

I’ve got a Pinboard solution rigged up, having set up email to Pinboard. An odd quirk: generally tags in Pinboard are case-insensitive, but the special “t” and “p” email tags (mark as read later and private, respectively) have to be lower case. I got tripped up on that with the auto-capitalization on the phone’s text entry. (I sent them a note about it.) Speaking of Pinboard, here’s everything I’ve posted with the “android” tag.

Google Docs, as it happens, can be gotten to (read-only, I think) in the browser. I’m starting to use Evernote for notes that aren’t quite tasks.

I put the parts of our music collection that I like onto the phone, which was very simple, and doubleTwist works quite nicely. I still want to get a more slick/sophisticated setup. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that there’s no 3G or whatever out at the office, so NPR and Pandora don’t really work that well.

Oh, and I managed to download a couple of library books, but that probably needs its own post.