Twitter Digest for 2010-11-19

  • I rocked the @eastsideolympia potluck tonight with red beans & sausage in the slow cooker. perfect night for it, too. #
  • @pat_ramsey bleh. (the WA AG has been getting on my nerves for a while.) in reply to pat_ramsey #
  • @kmcdade oh man. I saw that in the theater with my sis (the youngest IIRC, turning 9) – there was exactly ONE other person there. in reply to kmcdade #
  • @andrea @dylanw altho…college experience that prepared me most for the web was work-study job at children's museum. in reply to andrea #
  • @dylanw @andrea had some really brutal profs who helped tons. medieval women's lit in particular sticks out. tough but excellent. in reply to dylanw #
  • @andrea @dylanw on (a tiny bit of) reflection I think it was just general experience of writing like a fiend. srsly, all the goddamn time. #
  • @andrea @dylanw now trying to think what specific classes helped me w/web. maslow's hierarchy (psych) has always been helpful as metaphor. in reply to andrea #
  • @andrea stuff I took bcause of core req: calc 2, marxism, geology, astronomy, psych, sociology, & personal fave "envir/geo catastrophes" in reply to andrea #
  • @andrea I have to admit I'm glad my alma mater had core requirements. (would not have taken any *science* otherwise, probly) in reply to andrea #
  • @RobertAHunter TOTALLY worthwhile. (that thing I was b!tching about earlier in the week? that was from forgetting to add the shim.) in reply to RobertAHunter #
  • oh hey. adding the shim to my current design project makes *that* work in IE8 as well. yay shim! #
  • @itsjustbrent aggghhhhhh! now my eyes are bleeding! in reply to itsjustbrent #
  • @terryz_ times when I've done that, I don't actually drink thru the straws. take 'em out when I get where I'm going. in reply to terryz_ #
  • @terryz_ if you're driving, they keep the coffee from spilling out of the little hole at the top and getting all over. (voice of experience) in reply to terryz_ #
  • I swear there was just a little bit of iciness in the raindrops hitting my windshield this morning. #
  • @itsjustbrent re: doing today – got up early to start a somewhat experimental sausage & beans in the slow cooker for a potluck. also: rain. #

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