it gets better

So for C’s (40th?!) birthday, we took a micro-vacation, and the weather (mostly) co-operated. One overcast day of sleeping & catching up and one day of rain; otherwise, warm and sunny as it had not been all through September. We went to our favorite spots down in Oregon, enjoyed driving in the country, soaked up the sun, played in the water. Dozed. I actually worked on some writing, both editing for last year’s NaNoWriMo, and some ideas for this November. (Yes, I’m considering doing it again.) Had probably too much fast food, an indulgence of ours on road trips. Probably the most amazing thing was walking in the woods at night, far from civilization, and the moon so bright that I could turn off my flashlight and walk entirely by moonlight. It helped, of course, that it was a very nice trail. Relaxed. I suppose that’s the main thing: I was able to really relax and just enjoy this last little nib of summer as fall began. Going forward, the thing will be to keep that feeling in my consciousness into the dark and rainy months.