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Bottomfeeder: An Ethical Eater’s Global Search for Vanishing Seafood

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Bottomfeeder: An Ethical Eater's Global Search for Vanishing Seafood

author: Taras Grescoe
name: Elaine
average rating: 4.25
book published: 2008
rating: 4
read at: 2010/06/28
date added: 2010/06/29
shelves: environmentalism, economics, cookbook, history, health, non-fiction, politics, travel
Amazing, if discouraging. A tour of fishing around the world, with each chapter focusing on a specific food and location. So: sardines in the Mediterranean, shrimp in India, salmon in BC, bluefin tuna in Japan, etc. He treats his subjects, both fish and human, with sensitivity. Great descriptive language of both the horrible and the sublime.

There’s a useful appendix about fishing methods (good, bad, ugly), and specific fish (never, sometimes, always) — shrimp and tuna in particular come off very poorly.

Very highly recommended!

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