Twitter Digest for 2010-06-12

  • the fun/quirky part: turns out he's a member. #
  • reading up on web server admin…but first: a lovely conversation with a retired math teacher abt science, writing, education, etc., etc. #
  • @pandaman73 happy birthday!!!!! (mmmm, darby's….) in reply to pandaman73 #
  • @FinancialBrand my PERSONAL experience? other way 'round. already trusted CU was only one I went to for mortgage. in reply to FinancialBrand #
  • @dylanw @kegill our office fax machine is feet from my desk. I find it utterly boggling/annoying. (seems 2 be mostly for newspaper ad stuff) #
  • is that @goodwitch being silly in the background? #interACTbook #
  • Totally, tho sound was choppy. RT @vdebolt: Great summary of useful tools from @denisejacobs during #interACTbook #
  • @denisejacobs ah, now I'm seeing what all those links the last few days were about. 🙂 #
  • RT @olyhillary: In a perfect world, no one would ask me questions when I am hungry, because when I am hungry they're all stupid questions… #

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