Twitter Digest for 2010-05-25

  • "burn down hot topic burn it down don't let it take your soul" sometimes south park is f'ing awesome. #
  • @myerman the elbow/impossible thing. in reply to myerman #
  • @Oakwright haha! I worked out a bunch of it on the ride home, tho. in reply to Oakwright #
  • @myerman that prompted some serious hilarity in our house. @olybuzz sorta kinda did it! #
  • @Oakwright am actually thinking about diagramming it out ala D&D encounter. in reply to Oakwright #
  • need to actually figure out what happens in the hand-wavey bits. no, srsly, what IS happening? (self: nice dodge, making POV char pass out.) #
  • finally finished read-thru/edit of my #nanowrimo climactic battle not that exciting. 🙁 ending needs MASSIVE work, but am excited to do it. #
  • @jbertrand honestly I don't really miss managing a really large site. (there were lots of subsites that I had to give up on.) in reply to jbertrand #
  • @jbertrand I think that's a boss-to-boss conversation, altho it probly helps to have an embarrassing situation to point out. (seriously) in reply to jbertrand #
  • @jbertrand I used to have a quarterly reminder system when I worked at Pierce, just to make sure everything was correct. in reply to jbertrand #
  • @dylanw srsly. anti-vaccine folk shd have to take a tour of a 19th century cemetery. get a little perspective for crying out loud. in reply to dylanw #
  • @mkelley lots of people (much to my surprise) – I have a mailing list (15K+) that's 15% hotmail addresses. in reply to mkelley #
  • @myerman I swear I remember hearing that once attributed to Rumsfeld. great advice anyway. 🙂 in reply to myerman #

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