iPhone web dev class, wk2

(BTW, here’s the course info. Free! Also, intro session notes.)

iPhone Biz Card

(as before, 1st 10 mins are housekeeping. I’m playing with phonegap emulator.)

1st poll question makes no sense. 2nd poll question needs a fourth answer “don’t have a mac” also, these graphs suck.

sizing pages for iphone

her author page on o’reilly — doesn’t look that bad, actually, but small text in particular.

following along with sample. phonegap doesn’t make it look so dang small. I wonder if it’s setting the viewport. yep, adding meta name=”viewport” doesn’t actually change anything. (doesn’t work unless designed to scale, btw.) and initial-scale doesn’t do anything in phonegap either.

digression into html 4.x vs xhtml vs html5. officially annoying.

she said that desktop safari ignores viewport, which I’m assuming explains why it’s not working in phonegap.

getting antsy to get past Q&A session.

does -webkit-gradient not work in phonegap either? curiously, it works in Chrome, so I’m just going to resize a chrome window ATM. (actually, opened Win Safari instead.)

grar. digression into box model!

so what DO you do if you need the same page to be seen in IE?

is there a way to create a site that works well on netbooks?

webkit-gradient works in both bg-image or bg-color.

non media-query browsers pick last link?

I don’t think she’s explaining viewport vs media query very well – guy is doing that nicely, tho.

“at some point mobile browsers will all standardize” I doubt that the sizes will standardize, but I’m guessing there will be some typical ranges.


mmmm, browser sniffing. (sigh) can use to load different Drupal themes? (is there a module/theme for that?) “become much more standardized” — has it? I guess for broad matching it works.

went into the example before I had a chance to finish typing!

well, hey: had forgotten about develop menu for pretending to be iPhone. (iTouch says it’s iPhone, apparently…also iPod.) so what would be a grouping for high-end mobile?

or maybe not (re iPod touch as iPhone).

this has ugly maintenance connotations.

more fiddling with display styles. nothing new/special to see here, at least not for me.

somebody’s getting fussy about which tags she should be using: div vs p & addr. she took that really well, actually.

use a reset stylesheet on mobile? she hasn’t, but could, and sounds like maybe not a bad idea.

Lists – good for “drill-down” items.

This example might be more than I can type along with. Also getting kinda tired, and cube neighbor is on phone conversation.

support for text-overflow in CSS? (pretty clever IMHO)

supports :visited but not :hover — alternatively something with touch (:active?)

looks like that link example would do really well with a dl, as in: I think that’s actually what they’re designed for.

webkit-border-top-right-radius etc.

“always, thank you the internet”

apparently are “goodies” segments post the official end time. (and yes, the intro needs to be SHORTER.)

accessibility – voiceover only on 3GS. so, wait, you have to know where you’re tapping in order to hear stuff.

other browsers — screenshots of Android default, dolphin & opera mini. (guh that last looks pretty crappy IMHO.)

simulators: marketcircle.com/iphoney, phonegap (air app), testiphone. huge list of other simulators for other devices.

pretty sweet screenshot of MIT mobile website.

homework: create own biz card for the iPhone. think about: user motivation, intended experience, goal/focus, how displaying what people care about? twitter the url with the hashtag. (#ipwa)