accidental cyclist

I wasn’t intending to bike this morning — ok, last night I got my bike staged, but then I woke up after not enough sleep and with the rain coming down and decided: to hell with it, I’m not going to ride. Took my shower, got dressed & packed up, managed to get to the stop just ahead of the bus.

And it slowed down…and then kept moving. I ran a bit, yelled after it (I apologize to any of the neighbors of that stop for my incredibly loud and probably NSFW shouting), but it just kept going.* Which left me with three options:

  1. Wait a half-hour for the next bus.
  2. Drive the truck.
  3. Bike.

Didn’t want to be late, didn’t feel like driving, and hey: my bike was already staged to get out of the house easily. (This is one problem with our house and the Xtracycles: no good place to park.) So I quick-changed, wrapped up my bag, and took off.

I’m glad I did. I haven’t biked to work for almost a month, what with the freezing, that hell-cold, holidays, etc. It was fairly dark and rainy, but mild, enough so that I switched to my fingerless bike gloves, and the trails were clear. Plus my brain was really in need of that exercise; I feel about 1000% better than I did when I woke up, even though I’m running on not nearly enough sleep.

So, yay for unintentional biking!

* The stop is pretty much in the dark, which is annoying to begin with, but I was wearing a REFLECTIVE ORANGE rain jacket. Srsly, WTF?

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  1. What a rude bus. On the plus side, biking! My bike isn’t setup for night riding, and I’m not confident enough for night riding anyways. And I don’t have rain gear. I miss biking, can’t wait for the days to get longer!

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