bike crash, con’t.

So as I replied to someone on Twitter, last week’s fall is the gift that keeps on giving. Had a bit of whiplash on Wednesday and Thursday, then as it got better, my side started to ache. That got worse, until Sunday I finally broke down & called the consulting nurse, who told me to go to Urgent Care. Where I waited for a long time, had an xray, then waited some more, in between got my blood pressure taken, and finally (2+ hrs later) saw a doctor, who told me that I had a bruised rib. Good to know, and in the meantime I read most of a pretty decent novel, but I could have done without the insane wait.

Before my call to the nurse I took the Xtracycle, sans all of its attachments and accessories, to the bike shop. (I called to ask about the model of shifter on my bike, and the very nice guy on the phone reminded me that I get free tune-ups.) Yesterday he called to say that the tune-up was fine, but that the front shifter, the one that was being wonky? Yes, it was busted. Alas.

Went to get a new helmet on Friday; according to the guy there (other bike shop), the crash replacement program from Giro just gets a 10% coupon/credit, probably not much more than the cost of mailing. And of course the shop stopped carrying the model I. just. bought. a month ago, so I bought something with a design I don’t like as much, but it was on sale.

Today I commuted on ye olde Townie for the first time in almost two years…it’s a lovely little bike, but while the barcalounger position is lovely on flat bits, it’s somewhat wearying in the uphills. Plus I had forgotten that I’d put one of the stock saddles (from the Smoke? the Xtracycle?) on it, which was…let’s just say less than comfortable after a few miles. I’m going to keep riding it, because I want to keep riding, but I can’t wait until I get the Xtracycle back. Oh, and boy am I missing the X’s cargo space! How did I live without it before?

So, all in all, I’m a bit cranky about the aftermath, but still incredibly glad to be alive. Every time I even think about the cracks in my helmet, I start to visualize those same cracks in my skull, and oh boy, does that scare me to pieces.

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  1. You didn’t waste any time getting back on the horse. I rode twice after my fall and then waited another six weeks. (I aggravated my injury at work, I don’t want to discourage you from riding.)

    It’s funny, one of the most common injuries in falls I hear about are broken collar bones, I don’t recall ever hearing about bruised ribs.

    Get well soon.

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