About Snapping Links

I realized that I never posted here about what’s happened to my Snapping Links section. It was powered by delicious, and when the whole MS/Yahoo search buyout thing (?!) happened, I got a little wigged out. At the same time, I was trying out pinboard.

So I’ve switched my link-gathering from delicious to pinboard, only I haven’t worked out how to automatically turn the pinboard posts into blog posts. I’ve tried a lifestream plugin, but meh. If you want to follow my magpie like link gathering habits, you can follow me over at pinboard until I figure it out. (I’ve also hooked up pinboard to FriendFeed, but whatever.)

So what’s going to be here now for the foreseeable future is my occasional actual blogging, which hopefully will be a little more frequent that it has been over the summer, along with conference-blogging probably once or twice a year.

Just so’s you know. 🙂