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Free the Market!: Why Only Government Can Keep the Marketplace Competitive

Categories: Goodreads Reviews

Free the Market!: Why Only Government Can Keep the Marketplace Competitive

author: Gary L. Reback
name: Elaine
average rating: 3.67
book published: 2009
rating: 3
read at: 2009/07/02
date added: 2009/07/10
shelves: business, economics, history, legal, non-fiction, politics, technology
A review/history of anti-trust law in the information age, how the laxity in antitrust law enforcement in the last 20th/early 21st century has coincided with the rise of software companies and the consequences. Reading about Microsoft in particular was like watching a slo-mo car crash. It’s interesting — I followed that for a while starting in about ’97 or so, but this had lots more detail that I either didn’t know or had forgotten.

More fascinating for me was reading about the consolidation in legal publishing companies, because it was entirely new to me, and a good illustration of the issues involved with information-based antitrust law.

A little slow/dry in spots, but generally a good book.

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