irony update

Yesterday I mentioned the flat tire on my bike…last night, I took it off and brought it inside to fix. (So I could watch the original 90210. We discovered all of seasons 1-4 on the CBS website!) Started rotating to see if it was something obvious.

Jump back a couple of weeks: C took the tonneau/cover off of the truck so he could help a friend transport some art. He left outside the little pins that hold the springs (? I don’t know what they’re called) to the cover and to the truck, and neither of us remembered to bring them in, and then two were lost. 🙁

One of them? I rolled over it Wednesday night, apparently, and it neatly punctured my tire and tube. But hey, that was such a clean and tidy puncture that we fixed it lickety-split. Then cleaned up the bike, tweaked the brakes a bit, and I was able to ride today…in entirely glorious weather!