Today was amazing. We’ve been a little bit on the cold side, even after the snowpocalypse finally ended. Indeed, there was snow last weekend. This week I rode my bike through icy rain, and some freaking fierce wind; I even skipped a day because I just couldn’t handle the rain/wind combo. (And a good thing: there was a bit of snow in some parts of town midday!)

Today, however, spring finally freaking arrived. Sun, with some little wispy clouds, and warm. (Except in the shade or in a bit of breeze.) We spent most of it outside, doing yardwork: mostly pulling dandelions, but also grading a spot in front and digging up more damn poplar seedlings. It’s funny, today I think I made peace with the constant changing around of the yard, all the crazy things we’ve tried, and I could see it as a zone of constant experimentation. Moving the plants around to find the optimal spots, trying different kinds of beds, etc. I think this spring we’ll be doing even more different stuff, and I find myself a little bit excited about it.

Also spent some time actually talking over the back fence with some neighbors, which was cool. The people across the alley came over to ask if they could use some of our wood chips (yes, absolutely!) and then realized that the woman next door to us is a friend of a friend. So chitchat ensued. That’s been happening gradually, a little bit at a time, over the last year or two. It makes me inordinately happy.

There was some lazing about, taking breaks in between bouts of work, drinking big glasses of water and just soaking in the sun. (I fear I may have sunburned my ears.)

After we’d finished the work of the day, we biked down to the library & the coffee shop, then up through Priest Point Park. It was gorgeous, sailboats out on the bay (?), the Olympics in the distance, and also a bit exhausting. I haven’t biked for fun with C in quite a while, probably since last fall. And he’s fast, as well as taller than I am, so I was working hard to keep up. But that’s all to the good. Plus the mocha at Cherry St Cafe was freaking awesome, even though we got there just at closing.

Tomorrow looks to be just as nice or even nicer, were such a thing possible, so I’m figuring on more yardwork (putting down chips over the places that got weeded, probably) and quite likely another bike ride. (To the farmer’s market?! It opened for the season on Thursday!) I’m psyched.

(Yes, I am eventually going to put up my summary notes, photos and such from SXSWi. Just not tonight.)