Abandoned on my birthday

I was nuts about J…as was my roommate. I think we’d worked out a reasonable accommodation. 😉 They and another friend organized a “surprise” birthday party for my 19th birthday. I got home from my awful, awful job to what was supposed to be a fun evening, with cake. But J never showed up. Never.

And I never heard what happened; neither did my roommate. J was never heard from again.

That turned out to be the start of a really. complicated. year.

(There is, of course, a lot more detail than that, but most of it isn’t suitable for the intertubes.)

2 Replies to “Abandoned on my birthday”

  1. I don’t want to downplay the difficulty of that time, but this would make a really great beginning to a story.

  2. Ha! You’re probably right, though. I tried to turn some of it into a story way back then, but it was mostly a mess.

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