everything u know abt web design is wrong

oooh, video. (Le voyage dans la Lune, which I love) how much of the innovations that he talks about as coming later in film are actual technical innovations. ok, in comparison to Birth of a Nation, I see his point. (reminds me of mom’s film class lo these many years ago.)

cross-cutting — he’s been talking about different techniques of film. I’m a little too distracty. Hitchock & the close-up.

“I don’t know what transcendent web design looks like” but he has some candidates for elements of its grammar

random voyeurism: flickrvision, found magazine

self-aware but uncontrollable content (these are starting to seem like exactly the things about web-ness that freak people out.) ambient findability, googlebombing.

user-created context. missed something here.

ambient awareness. each tweet is the dot in a pointillist painting. I can see that.

experiential content. when this thing becomes what it’s going to be, it’s not just going to about pictures & blocks of text (static) — like the experience of a rollercoaster. (huh?) putting the elements in place and then the users do everything else.

going back to the benjamin (hotel) website. (I smell bacon. I think that might be me, actually, BLT from lunch nom nom nom.)

“experience economy” with side mention of being a service economy now. (so what happens when all this house of cards collapses, as it seems to be doing now? anyway…back to yr regularly scheduled whatever.)

sleep concierge? (wow, how gilded age II.) oh, webchat. which I will say that CU members seem to really like that particular service.

inverted pyramid as an artifact of technology. slicing and dicing the article? metadata & chunking. so…who is DOING thing. the user? srsly? would hate to think of commenters in the Olympian doing that. :\

clip of the ring video. evolving and extinction as part of the same thing. (what about evolution as accruing change, not wholesale replacement?)

“that look & feel thing”

“print in disguise […] will win awards […] this week” heh. beautiful as means to an end, solving problems.

I am STILL musing over ways to improve the CU homepage, as well as the ENA site. think there might be a nugget in all this.

mmmmm, jambalaya. I love that brand, with sausage. Great for leftovers for lunch.

both exploit AND protect expertise. something inbetween free-for-all and rigid compartmentalization.

cross-discipline teams. well, hey, team of one! 😛 OTOH, there is the coordination with all the other aspects of both marketing AND customer/member/student service.

design for specific users; embrace your ignorance. (let’s just try stuff & see what works!) AND the things that you think you already know: maybe not.

don’t be distracted: by business models not user-centered, by technology as itself, by failure. Personally, me: I am terrible about that whole try, fail, pick up & try again. I’ve had a major learning experience (!) at work, and getting some support while failing was incredibly important. I guess I need more practice. Or something.

uxcrank.com, www.dswillis/sxsw/everything.pdf

very long question, can’t hear. 10% of people accept it: that’s success.