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Three different people tagged me with the “25 things” meme on Facebook in the last week: someone I know locally and two different friends (from ENTIRELY different social groups) from high school. So, okay…but I’m going to mime Dorothea in this one: (1) only 7 things for you! and (b) I’m not tagging nobody. You find this fun? Go nuts, pretend I tagged you. 🙂

  1. I once did a bunch of tech book reviewing in the bathtub. A sheaf of printouts, a highlighter, and a pen…the paper got all wrinkly, which was sort of interesting when I was trying to type my notes back in. I even got all excited about something I wanted to try that I jumped out of the tub and ran out to the computer with a towel. (It was SVG stuff in Painting the Web by Shelley Powers, btw. A quirky book that I really recommend.)
  2. I’m going to SXSW again! Dylan got one of his proposals accepted and offered me his ticket. I finally made up my mind to go a couple of weeks ago, thankfully while airfare was still cheap. I’m really excited. (I’m also looking for someplace really cheap to stay; I have my eye on a room I found on Craigslist, but still open to other ideas.)
  3. One of my dreams is to bike from Olympia to SF. I’d actually be really excited if I could do it on the Townie, since that’s the bike I learned to ride on, only 5 years ago.
  4. I’m paralyzingly shy, but also have a tendency to babble incessently. I think there’s some sort of social impulse that gets all bottled up and then overflows.
  5. The first time C & I met, he was picking up his friend LKW from the Children’s Museum on a snow day. I honestly don’t remember meeting him at all, but he says he thought I was cute. It was probably January or February 1996, when I still had fire-engine red hair down the middle of my back…and was living with Raul!
  6. The music that C likes in GTA:SA, I hated when it was new, but some of it I really enjoy now. This is part of my life-long trend of being way the hell behind the curve with every hip/popular thing ever. (I love watching C & L play GTA. I once “rode shotgun” with the laptop to help C find all the spots to “tag” early on in the game.)
  7. I miss going to Disneyland. We used to go every year for my & Elizabeth’s birthdays.
  8. Bonus item: My feet are almost always cold. I think that’s the worst thing about winter up here, even more than the dark: cold damp feet.

Isn’t that more than you wanted to know?

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  1. Your segue…classic! yeah..go nutz!

    #1.nice visual…wink
    #2. I was wonderin’ if ya evah hook’d up lodging
    #5. Raul?!?! you guys lived ta’gether? omg, and I wanna see pix of your long red hair. W/E happened ta him? man U 2 were smokin…back in the day…wink

    THANK YOU E, for playin’ along!

  2. Yeah, Raul & I lived together from ’93 to ’96 (my sophomore – senior years of college); we broke up in March ’96 (5 years exactly after we started dating!) but lived together until our lease ran out. Those were…um…exciting times.

    He went back to CA maybe a year after we broke up. (He’s on FB, btw.) We’re still occasionally in touch. Actually, when C & I went down for Elizabeth’s HS graduation, we stayed with Raul, Franz & their roommate.

    And I don’t know if there ARE any pictures of me with long red hair. I didn’t have a camera for a long time, and I wasn’t really in a picture-taking posse. I think my friend Kat might have one, but I’m not sure. By the time I got a camera again, my hair was back to shoulder-length.

    …although C did find some copies of my college freshman year class pictures. Fairly long hair by then, but still brown.

  3. uh..yeah, I’d say that would been an interesting time…
    wow, and Franz..I so liked him! he was great? is he the same?
    and U & C stayed with that you guys are still friends.
    Thanks so much for your comments about my Gucci-G’s update. It means alot…wink..hug

  4. if you are inclined to take up disneyland’s offer of a free ticket on your bday, you are welcome to crash at my house of crazyness in OC…it would be nice to catch up in person

  5. Sonia: the whole living together thing was interesting right from the get-go. As for Franz, I haven’t talked to him in ages, but last I heard he was teaching music, or getting ready to.

    Steph: that’s actually kinda tempting. 🙂

  6. wait, E, is the event your attending here in the south land? omg?! if it is…I’d love ta see you, if ya game?

  7. I’m trying to tempt my friends (esp the long distance ones) with the DLand thing…seriously, give me a heads up if you decide to go for it. I’m always with at least one of my kiddos right now, so DLand is one of the few things I can do for fun.

  8. I’m trying to tempt my friends (esp the long distance ones) with the DLand thing…seriously, give me a heads up if you decide to go for it. I’m always with at least one of my kiddos right now, so DLand is one of the few things I can do for fun.

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