wacky dream

Night before last, I had this weird dream, which I wasn’t planning on sharing with the internets, but when I told a couple of friends yesterday, they were sufficiently amused that I thought I’d share with y’all.

In the dream, I’d injured my foot pretty badly — the one that lost the toenail a few weeks back — and was convalescing with my foot up in a room that looked suspiciously like the entryway to my last apartment in college. Then Obama came in and sat down in a chair next to me. He put his feet up on an ottoman, said he’d heard I’d hurt my foot, and wanted to recommend these great sandals that he was wearing. He proceeded to tell me how they didn’t have as many pressure points on the sides of the feet as most sandals. (They were brown leather, and looked a bit like a flip-flop, but with a strap across the back.)

And then it got really weird. I can’t remember now how this came up, if he said something or if I just saw the back of his neck, but then I discovered that he had the preamble to the Constitution…tattooed across his shoulders and upper back.

Then the dream blinked and switched tracks entirely; I think I was driving to the movies with Kermit or something. I don’t really remember anything from that point on.

The reason I even mentioned it to my friends? I was curious about whether the brand name he’d mentioned was real or just made up in my head. And…Elaine’s dream Obama recommends Chaco sandals for maximum comfort. 🙂