my poetry month in review

Last month I set myself the task of writing a poem every day. I started pretty strong — had a few very productive days! — but kinda trailed off towards the end. I’ll be reviewing the results soon and maybe posting some of the better ones here.

When I was reading poetry, I did much better with writing poetry. And I like writing poetry, so I’m looking for more poets to try.

I have a dozen or so books at home, most of which I’ve read more than once. My favorites are Mary Oliver, Adrienne Rich, Tess Gallagher (Portable Kisses), HD (when I’m feeling difficult), although in my last burst of reading I got back into Langston Hughes for the first time in a long time. And I have a special fondness for haiku. (As long-time readers will already know.)

So…what poems or poets do you recommend? Or what poetry sites or poem-of-the-day emails do you like?

Thanks in advance, and maybe I’ll write you a poem. 🙂

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