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I haven’t written in a while, and I actually have a whole list of stuff, including some unusual (to me) professional-type blogging. But first, the sort of things that have been the focus of this site since 2001. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I reached 1000 miles on my new bike, and the first time I’ve ridden 1000 miles in a single year. (When I took the cyclometer off of the Townie in February, it had about 800 miles on it.) Cycling continues to be one of those things that always makes me happy. 10 miles a day, almost every day, on an insanely beautiful trail.

We got thrown into a bit of chaos over the last week: Elizabeth, my youngest sister, who has been living in So Cal with mom, got a job in Federal Way. That starts next Monday! So she’ll be visiting while she buys a car, finds an apartment, etc. I’m actually finding I’m excited to see & hang out with her. OTOH, we’re having to do some super-quick work to make the house liveable for three people, which is a bit (very?!) nerve-wracking. Plus, I haven’t lived with roommates in 15 years, and C hasn’t in 11 years. So we’re somewhat 🙂 unaccostumed to other people in our space. She arrives on Saturday, and hopefully we’ll be ready by then.

The weather this summer continues exceedingly strange: today it poured most of the day, whereas the end of last week got up into the mid-90s.

I’ve been maintaining my weight fairly easily; I think I finally hit my long-term goal a couple of months back, and it’s been quite stable. I went thrift-store shopping with a couple of co-workers last month and picked up a bunch of nice work clothes for hell-cheap in sizes I haven’t worn since just after college. Combined with all the biking, I feel better physically than I have in years, maybe ever. (the only caveat being my keyboard-and-mouse-wracked hands and my noisy knees. it’s weird; I can bike 5 miles easily & happily, but then my knees snap & creak crazily going up a single flight of stairs. WTF?)

A final random thought: as of this year (I don’t remember when exactly) I have been making web pages for 10 years. I’m a little bit boggled.

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