DrupalCamp: drupal 101

Or 105, as the presenter says. (CivicActions)

He asked a bunch of questions about experience. Not covering installation.

As you as you go into that core file, just imagine me with a ruler smacking you on the wrists.

Document your code.

Civicactions.com/drupal_glossary – created to give to their clients


scale of modules that goes from very tiny to very big. CCK, Views & Panels are absolutely critical, can build almost anything with those.

taxonomy – makes Drupal powerful. taxonomy is the entire system of vocabularies: sets of terms. vs tagging/folksonomy? now you can set up a vocabulary that’s a free-tagging type, users get an auto-complete field to show the already-created terms but allow new terms on the fly. so…module Taxonomy Manager. πŸ™‚ how very drupal. heirarchical vs non.

(wrists hurt. gr.)

be cautious about hierarchical vocabs, too fancy = not used, at least with user-generated content.

in all cases: things build on each other. he’s working on a decision tree whether to use a taxonomy vs a custom field. wd be very interested to see that.

complex concept, which I missed part of: a blog entry about a restaurant that connects to a recipe, and it’s all about Chinese food. (ah, the “Chinese” part needing to be a vocabulary term to get the cross-associated stuff going.)

in many places category is used to mean term, vocabulary OR the whole taxonomy system. way confusing.

term -> vocabulary -> taxonomy

“admin menu” module. very clever. going into the permissions section & roles. you can also duplicate a role & then add on more permissions. (or remove? not sure.)

I wish I’d taken

Q: heard not to use user #1. is there a big reason? …other than being able to do anything accidentally? That would be the main reason. So user 1 should just set up the admin role, and then user(s) with the admin role do everything else. (some stuff about how they handle lots of different sites in a uniform way in their agency)

CCK. basic CCK, then modules for different types of content. (so is this where I’d get started with module-writing?)

Description…would be useful in an intranet?

(meta: is this session answering my questions? Maybe not. What are my questions? How could Drupal be used for an intranet? When the hell is D6 going to have all the modules I want? Also, he’s doing a lot of reading the screen.)

Restrict how many of each node type a user can create. Huh.

Use pipe character in list of allow values, then can change the labels as necessary still using a short value. I’m not sure I get the application, but it’s a clever concept.

Date vs datestamp? He doesn’t know the difference. (hm)

Sets all the date stuff early, because all the modules inherit that default, but can be changed individually.

Head screaming. Should’ve gotten coffee. Oh, while I’m drifting away from the presentation, this morning: just barely made my bus downtown, then when I got to the Oly transit center, realized that I forgot the laptop powercord & extension cord. (Also, I forgot my camera, but that’s less important.) Made a snap decision to go back home & get them, because not being able to take notes…well, those who read this know about how crazy-making that would be for me. Thought I could go home & catch the bus to get back downtown only a half-hour late. Saw the bus…leaving…as I was crossing the street to the stop. Walked downtown at near-top speed, probably about a mile, in the hopes of getting there in 15 minutes. Uh, no. (Darn close, though) But the bus was still there! Only, it wasn’t the 7:30 bus, but the 7:45. Apparently the 7:30 bus never ran or something. But after that, things went pretty smooth. Walked straight from Oly express to Seattle express, and just a couple of blocks from there to the W Seattle bus, and then across the street to here.

Image cache.

Theme layer vs configuring in the content type.

No recurrence in dates/times, which is apparently a long story.

drupalmodules.com vs. on the drupal site. best way to rate is to look at the issue queue, and if user # is under 1000, that’s a good sign. but drupalmodules has ratings. also has firefox search plugin.

Views – a query-building system. which nodes, what order, what fields from each node. Use the description well! Sign it if you have multiple people! Can easily have 30 views and not know which does which.

Argument is an advanced topic.

Whooboy that’s a huge list of filters.

Panels allows arranging views, nodes, etc. into more complex designs w/out themeing. (Session on that tomorrow.)