Elaine Nelson @ Fray Cafe 8

Elaine Nelson @ Fray Cafe 8, originally uploaded by M-D.

I just found this photo from 2 months ago (ah, the vanity search!), and it makes me smile. I look so much more relaxed than I remember being. Plus I love the way M-D captured one of my oh-so-very typical hand gestures.

Next year I am totally doing Fray Cafe again, and with something a little more daring, I think.

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  1. Oh, right, I forgot that Dylan couldn’t make it this year either.

    Hard to say at this point if I’ll be there next year. My employment situation is so fragile at the moment that I’m passing up our yearly trip with my wife’s parents to Cape May this week, and that’s only a couple of days. Didn’t seem prudent to take time off three weeks into a new job….

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