sunday scribblings: photograph

parting is such sweet sorrow, originally uploaded by glsims99.

Yes, I realize that was the topic for last Sunday, and it’s already almost Sunday again. This isn’t really going to be anything literary, either. But I’ve been mulling the topic, and thought I’d post this photo of Glenda’s from SXSW. AFAIK, it’s the only photo of me from SXSW. (weird.)

Of course, on the one hand, I hate this picture. I look shiny and startled.

But…it’s the first picture I’ve seen of myself since starting my weight loss “project” where I look at it and think, “hm, skinny.” Not just, “oh, thank goodness not fat.”

When I went to visit Kat to see Cabaret weekend before last, she said, among other things, “girl, you look like in college!” which seemed totally wrong to me. After all, I do not weigh 120 pounds, which I did thru most of college.

But then I look at this and think, well, maybe.