quote of the day

If a mind is always open, it never finishes anything; if a mind is never open, it never starts. – Scott Berkun, The Myths of Innovation

That actually stopped me in my tracks today at lunchtime. I think every argument that C & I have had about the house & garden comes down to that fundamental disconnect. (I am at this point, embarrassingly enough, the one with the closed mind.) And I think there’s a conversation that I need to have, that I may not be ready for.

Also, I’m really enjoying this book. I’m a little over half done, and I imagine I’ll wrap it up tonight or tomorrow, so maybe more then. But I like the light yet thoughtful tone, and the way it ties together bits of things that I think I already knew into something crisp and useful. If you were a fan of Connections, give it a whirl.

My only complaint thus far? The dust jacket! I feel as though I’m ruining it every time I touch it. A very slick-textured black, so each fingerprint is horrifyingly distinct.