white christmas?!

I’d have to say that this year was one of the better Christmases I’ve had in the last decade or so. (The weekend before was a little crazy, but everything evened out in time for the holiday.) As usual, a “good” holiday for me means mellow, more than anything else. We had Xmas Eve just the two of us, opening gifts and watching LoTR. I gave him Talisman, which he’s been wanting since his birthday, and he gave me several small silly things, including a rain cape to wear biking.

Mom and Elizabeth sent up their usual box, and two of the gifts I got from them were exceptionally special. Mom sent a copy of the 1963 Good Housekeeping cookbook in mint condition, which sounds weird, but it was the cookbook we all used most heavily when I was growing up. Mom’s famous mac & cheese is based on a recipe from that cookbook. Yes, I have a copy of it with all the mods, but it’s very special to have the original, and to thumb through it looking at all sorts of other recipes. (More about that later.)

Elizabeth gave me the 2nd PostSecret book, which almost caused me to burst into tears instantaneously. I used to read PostSecret a lot when I was in my darker moments. It’s beautiful, painful, and funny all at once. I think I surprised C with my reaction, since he had no idea what that even was.

We slept in a bit on Christmas morning; Mom called and I talked to her for a bit. Apparently Elizabeth (hi!) read my last sunday scribblings poem, because Mom asked if C would like her to make him a Christmas stocking for next year. 🙂

Then more LoTR, and donuts.  Xmas Eve, when I was flipping through the cookbook, I saw a recipe for donuts and made the dough to chill overnight.  Tried rolling, cutting, and frying them in the morning. I burnt 2, and discovered later that home-made donuts don’t keep, but the ones we had Christmas morning were delicious. Cake-style, warm, a little crispy around the edge, and perfectly sweet w/out any toppings.  I’ll definitely be doing that again.

Mid-day we went to C’s parents — but shortly before we left, it! started! snowing!!!1!!1! 🙂 I’ve seriously never had snow on Christmas before, so when I looked out the window and saw ginormous wet flakes falling, I started bouncing! down! the! hall! and shrieking like a little girl. It snowed the whole way up, and for a little bit after we got there, but stopped and didn’t stick.  It stuck a bit in Oly, but mostly just froze into a slick icy crust the next morning.

After visiting with the ‘rents, we went to a friend’s house for dinner with his family, which we did last year. Great food and welcoming company. The prime rib was unspeakably amazing, as before, but I managed to keep my equilibrium and eat just enough, not any more. (C’s parents and our friend’s mom both commented on my weight loss, which was lovely for my ego. My trendline is .16 pounds away from my goal; once I get there I have a whole other long post in mind.)  Then home early, a bit more LoTR, and off to bed, peaceful and happy.

I hope all y’all’s Christmases and Solstices (etc) were equally enjoyable, and Happy New Year!