C is doing somewhat better, if not exactly good. We are both getting a little more sleep. He starts PT at the end of the week.

Last night we were at Orca Books downtown and I realized (again?) that I’ve been reading almost exclusively non-fiction. I’m still not sure what that says about me as a writer. Also, I drove home from work in the pouring rain, and it had that slightly over-dense look as it hit the windshield, as if it wanted to be slush/snow. But that didn’t happen, alas.

This morning I took the bus; it was a brilliant morning, but the weather report says rain. I had to run for the bus, and nice enough to feel that I could make that dash (half-block at top speed in dress shoes!) without totally wiping myself out. Then when I got to the bus, the driver asked if I was “the girl who used ride the bike” — last winter/spring I put my bike on that bus and rode to the trail. When I said yes, he said he almost didn’t recognize me because I’d lost so much weight. 🙂 Well, that’s nice. I’ll take that compliment, especially after the last couple of days, when stress, lack of exercise. lost sleep has thrown my eating habits and cravings totally out of whack. This morning I made sure to get a solid breakfast before I left the house, and I have a good lunch & an apple in my bag for later.

Tonight I’m supposed to teach a class about websites for other neighborhood association people. I had in all serious forgotten completely about it until I was skimming my email.  Originally, I planned to spend last weekend getting my materials/notes ready…and yeah, that didn’t happen. So yes, I’ll be winging it. My current scatteredness makes me feel almost like a fraud explaining to others how to run their association sites, but I’ll live with that.

Weekend before last I finally used a Sunday Scribblings prompt, but in my paper journal. It was a powerful release, finding my creative spot in the prompt. (“I carry,” BTW.) I may worry about whether my identity still includes “being a writer,” but I don’t ever seem to entirely stop writing, one way or another.