I’m feeling remarkably scatterbrained tonight. Trying to read, watching The West Wing, thinking about the outline I need to prep for a presentation in a couple of weeks, running through another presentation I have to give tomorrow, procrastinating on two different volunteer web design projects. (Not to mention laundry, dishes, and so on.) So, yeah, scattered.

Dunno why I’m blogging about it, either. I can’t focus, so I write.

Not that I’m really writing either.

At least I got to ride today.  Hella cold, and dark on the way back, but lovely nonetheless.  The new trail is almost done…so almost done that with a bit of squirrelling around, I was able to take my new and future route today.  It’s nice not having to deal with traffic, and so very beautiful.

When I got in this morning, my odometer read 900 miles.  (That’s since April, when I bought my cyclocomputer.) I had been hoping, earlier this year, that I’d log 1000 miles this year.  I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I’m happy to have gotten this far.

I was chatting with another cyclist one day last week and asked him about riding in the rain with glasses. (He was wearing glasses.) He said that a cap with a long brim helped.  So maybe I’ll try that, although I’ll also need a new pair of rain pants.  I gave mine away a couple of weeks ago to a co-worker, to encourage her to get out and ride, and because they didn’t fit me anymore.

Nothing fits anymore.  I think I have 5 work outfits, and two of them are short-sleeved dresses that honestly, aren’t appropriate for November.  But I wear them anyway.  Although yesterday I did pick up a new skirt and blouse; the skirt was 3 sizes smaller than the pants I bought for my job interview a year ago. (And it’s just super-cute, with a sort of faux-suede texture.) I bought new jeans a couple of weeks ago, 2 sizes smaller than the jeans that were too small at the beginning of the year. I need to ditch half-a-dozen more blouses, but I’m afraid to because I don’t (yet) have anything to replace them with.  Mysteriously, I can’t find the black pants I bought at Value Village a while ago, which has nothing to do with weight loss but in my current situation is insanely annoying.

I have, as of today, lost 37 pounds.  My loss has tapered off over the last few weeks; I’m thinking about doing a few days of rigorous calorie-counting, as that always seems to get me back on track.  But in any case, that puts me in the “normal” BMI category.  I have 7 pounds left to the number I set as my goal back in May, which was intended to get me well inside normal, even at this slower rate I’m well set to get there by the beginning of 2008, which is a month ahead of my goal.

On a scatterbrained day, when I’m tempted to have just one more cookie, it helps to remind myself of this, and how I got here.

This is why I write when I can’t focus.  Eventually, if I just let the words rattle on, something happens.  Even if it’s not interesting or useful to anybody but me. 🙂

Now it’s off to bed.