Just got back from the Neighborhood Assoc. meeting, my first general meeting as president. I think it was okay. It’s hard to tell from my end. A couple of presentations, some standing around after chatting. Other people were snacking; I got a sliver of maple nut muffin right at the end. I wish WB had made something that didn’t have coconut, as I love her cookies.

I’m still feeling a little revved up from all the social interaction. Being “on” — which is not bad, but takes a lot of my energy.  Strangers tire me out.  (Mmmm, sounds like a preschooler.)

My weight has hit a plateau.  A week and a half now at the same weight, which is a little disappointing, except that when I calculated BMI, I’m exactly at the top end of normal.  Which means that technically I’ve hit my goal.  Yay me. 😛 I’m still planning on losing 7 more, but I guess right here is pretty good, down 37 pounds from where I was in April.

C reminds me that I have stuff that will go bad if I don’t put it in the fridge (veggies & dip, plus cheese), and it’s about my bedtime.  So, good night.

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