the one thing about this layout

I’m pretty happy with my current design, but the homepage goes a little berserk if there isn’t a post in the last few days.  So in brief:

Trip to CA was fun. I have more pics than my last road trip, to be posted soon. (ha!)

Very busy, overall. Falling behind on reviewing books; need to get stuff together for next week’s neighborhood association meeting; need to finish work on Christmas Tree Lane Association site. (Turns out, the previous webmaster died, which is why nobody knows anything. Ouch.)

Sunny weather today, although this morning and a couple of other days this week featured frozen fog. Brrr. Biked 3 days out of 5, which is pretty darn good for Oct/Nov.

All of the leaves on the two front trees (the aspens that ate Olympia) seem to be falling this week. I raked & mowed on Sunday afternoon, but you wouldn’t know it now.

It’s probably madness, but I’m even pondering NaNoWriMo.  I’m trying the “snowflake method” of fiction writing, which is entirely opposite from my usual “write like crazy until starts to turn into something method” — I haven’t finished a novel, so it’s worth a shot.