a bit of inspiration material

On my last “clear the decks day” at work, I took a stack of post-it notes & scraps of paper, all bits of web/marketing wisdom I’ve collected over the last few years (seriously: some of those scraps came with me from Pierce) and combined the best parts into a single Word document.

It’s now printed out and marked with a highlighter, posted on my magnetic whiteboard where I see it pretty much continuously.

Since I know a number of you are webbish marketing people, I thought I’d share.

Big Character Poster (PDF)

Unfortunately, I don’t know the origin of all the bits and pieces.  I’m guessing the UIE guys, Gerry McGovern, maybe the GrokDotCom folk, plus definitely the book Made to Stick, but I can’t say with any degree of certainty.  (Two of the questions under “Inquiry” are from an email I got from a former VP of Administration at Pierce…he left at least 2 years ago.)

Why “Big Character Poster”?  It’s an in-joke with C from the class he took on Chinese culture at UWT.

Holler if you want a Word version.