bridges I have ridden on that collapsed later

Not to be totally gruesome, but when I got home and turned on the radio, this was what I thought of….

  1. When I was in junior high, the family took a vacation to the Bay Area, where we stayed at a hotel just a few blocks from that freeway that collapsed in Oakland in 89.
  2. Raul and I came north from Christmas just a few weeks before the Northridge Earthquake in ’94, driving over the exact spot where the freeway collapsed.
  3. One of the times I saw the Mississippi during our trip to Wisconsin back in 2003 was driving through Minneapolis, coming south on 35 to hook up with 94.  What I remember now is being hot and tired and Minneapolis being very concrete-filled in comparison with most of the rest of our drive.

That said, I hope that there aren’t too many people hurt.  The idea of actually being on a collapsing freeway bridge freaks me out.  (Shiver.)