rainy weekend

I’ve been starting to feel like I’m living in that Ray Bradbury story about the little girl on Venus. It’s been supposed to have been cleared up by now a couple of times, but it keeps on raining. Sometimes, like today, a misty drizzle; sometimes a crazy downpour.

So we spent a sizable chunk of the weekend cleaning, trying to make room, trying to figure out what we’re going to do next on the remodel project that would not die. At least now all my files are in order, and I’ve cleaned out a bunch of semi-nostalgic junk. (Possibly the weirdest thing? An envelope, with my name in Raul’s handwriting, with clippings of bright red hair from when I went from waist-length to shoulder-length…11 years ago.) At some point I would like to deal with the stack of letters — yes, honest-to-god hand-written letters, mostly from 1992 – 1995 — but for now I’ve just put them in a giant rubbermaid tub with handwritten journals that start in 1985.

However…we spent a good chunk of the weekend in angst over Pica. She got lethargic, stopped eating, got surly if you tried to pet her side/belly. Last night I got about 5 hours of sleep: when she woke at 2 am and actually wanted something to eat, we both sat up with her. I couldn’t really get to sleep again after that.

She seemed better in the morning, but when we both got home in the afternoon, she was low again. And C found a lump in her side….

One emergency trip to the vet later (8 minutes before closing!) and now we know: she had an abscess, maybe from a fight with another cat, maybe from a wire fence, or who knows what. It’s been shaved, drained, and she’s on a course of antibiotics. It’s just a relief to know what’s wrong. She likes the liquid antibiotics, too; when we first got her, she had some sort of gut infection and she just gobbled up the antibiotics!

She’s curled up on the bed right now, dozing.

Tomorrow, allegedly, it’s going to be partly sunny. The clouds were breaking a little bit this evening as we went to the library, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure would be nice to get back on the bike.