my spiffy cyclocomputer has a thermometer as one of its features. today I saw the number 97 on it as I was riding home. needless to say, I wasn’t worrying about beating my average speed this afternoon. it was likely the slowest ride on that grade that I’ve done in years. very careful. as much coasting as possible, and lots of breaks for water.

I have never been all that much for heat, but 15 years in the northwest has lowered my resistance even more. plus there’s not much in the way of hot-weather amenities around here.

I managed to get cool enough to stick it out at home rather than fleeing for AC. a cold shower, open windows, and finally remembering that we own a box fan. plus more water and not much food.

yesterday c & I met up after work at the river…but then someone stole his bike seat. people suck. but he got a good deal on a replacement from one of the local shops. plus I got to watch him ride all the way home standing up. if he hadn’t already been my bike-hero, that would’ve clinched it. we did finally make it back to the water, by car, alas, and I was able to submerse myself to the waist in the Deschutes.

tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day. we have a ‘seasonal dress day’ at work; I’m debating whether it’s a good idea to ride. in the morning the ride is glorious, but something about slogging home….

it took me the better part of 10 years, too, to get it into my head that the heat doesn’t peak until late in the day. 5 pm is probably about the very hottest part of the day.

OTOH, the bus isn’t likely to be too cool either. and driving seems like entirely the wrong thing to do.