July 4: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Good: the truck has exceptionally nice climate control, way better than the Kia.

Bad: the truck uses more gas.

Ugly: we were driving the truck because one of the Kia’s back windows was broken by a vandal the day before. (OTOH, nothing was stolen.)

Good: got to dip my toes in three different lovely cool rivers: Cowlitz, Skookumchuck, Nisqually.

Bad: there really wasn’t a good spot to lay out and read/write.

Ugly: the place we really wanted to go was crazy-packed, so we just drove right on past and bounced from spot to spot all day.

Good: beautiful sunny weather.

Bad: 90+ degrees.

Ugly: I get cranky in hot weather.

Good: pretty fireworks in the neighborhood.

Bad: loud fireworks in the neighborhood.

Ugly: loud fireworks in the neighborhood when I had a headache and the weather was hot.

In general, I stand by my opinion that the 4th of July is my least favorite holiday, especially when it falls in the middle of the week.