not quite how I meant it to go

Normally, I’d be working on re-reading & summarizing all my notes from Thursday and Friday.  However…I was hanging out with Dylan through WebVisions, and turns out he had a rather obnoxious cold. (He thought it was either a sinus infection or allergies.) And a rather contagious one…I am about wiped out.  Yesterday I had a bit of a sore throat, and then overnight it turned into fever, chills, headache, bodyache, etc.  (Thankfully, no upper respiratory problems, just a little coughing. I hate having a stuffy/running nose.) Today I’ve been drinking OJ and sleeping: two long naps already today.

I’m probably skipping work tomorrow.  For one thing, I don’t know if I could concentrate enough to get any work done; for another, I think the people around me would be very annoyed to get this same thing. I’m up enough now that I might start to review my notes, and as usual, prepare two summaries: one for y’all, my loyal readers 🙂 and another for work, with specific recommendations (that one doesn’t go here, obviously).

At least I was hale enough yesterday to get a few things done around the house. The neighborhood chipping program came by our house around lunchtime; other people in the neighborhood added their branches to what was left of the world’s tallest crabapple tree (TM), which was quite a lot of branches already. An hour later the branches were all chipped up, and the guys from the city left us the chips, which will come in handy around the yard, mostly to keep the grass from around the trees, I think. We also took a bunch of deconstruction stuff to the dump, which is getting to be a familiar drive.  I like having a truck…and I’m getting more practice with freeway driving (a source of personal anxiety) because it’s faster to jump on I5 for just that little bit of the drive.

The only thing is that I’m feeling guilty for being sick when I really want to be improving things around the house. Which is a little crazy, but there you are.

Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to recommend a book to my friends with depressive tendencies.  I’m back in therapy, and it’s going very well, partially because my new therapist (you may recall that my old therapist retired, which threw me off for a while) is very aggressive about being active & practical in tackling the thoughts underlying my recurring depressions.  My homework, of late, has been reading and doing exercises from “Feeling Good” by David Burns.  (Pardon the frontpage site.) It’s been difficult, but in a good way, and I recommend the book quite highly. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. 🙂

I just wish that the library were open today.  I’ve seen most of the Netflix disks we have at home. Maybe I can persuade C to go downtown tomorrow and pick up a good assortment of vids….