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social media for co’s

using social media in large established organizations.

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he’s doing some crazy livestreaming & off-site interaction. chat room? donde esta?

lots of asking questions & hand-raising. he’s gonna go practical.

web person “all his life” — I kinda know that feeling.

slide with silly amounts of bullet points. different methods of corporate use of the web. oh, and he’s going to read through all the points, describing each one. ::sigh::

we are still getting into the basics, I think. I’m thinking that the project mgmt stuff needs to inform this, things we might want to do. advertising is the one I’m looking at.

what is social media? def w/out describing specific tools. yep, conversations. and communities. nothing here is entirely new, just moved to the web. (user groups, etc.) and easy to use.

here’s the thing. cluetrain, et al is old hat to me, eye rolling and all that. but it hasn’t even touched the rest of the org.

blogs as trusted sources

oh, the meta. “somebody is liveblogging this now.” hi.

TRUST. I’ve seen a version of that graph. People trust people they know.

there’s a fancy-pants graphic. ladder of participation. a finer breakdown of the 90-10-1 ratio.

online & offline blurring. everything happens online, eventually. embraces vs. freakout.

bloggers as the new media. yes, well…with caveats a plenty, as far as I’m concerned. treating the bloggers all sweet at some event.

web marketing has spread all over the internet. our interesting experience with financial forums & blogs re: accelerator checking. decision not made on the corporate site, but just going at the end to get specs, buy, or whatever. look at what other people say. (I do that all the time)

“Edgeworks” by Brian Oberkirch

traditional messaging through marketing, controlled, being overtaken by conversations at the edges. not THAT much different from the marketing effect of customer service.

(pause to look at crazy MSFT/Yahoo story)

asynchronous going closer to real time. okay, now he’s going all buzzwordy.

letting go (of the message) to gain more. the challenge of control issues. the “not while I’m here” person. what is the way for me to put this in a way that makes sense in our environment. remembering that I’m out here on this weird webbish edge.

connection point: I want us to go out and talk to members in order to understand what of of this would actually make sense to our membership…or potential members.

@hitachi, created “data storage” industry wiki, linking to competitors even. to become the first source that customers go to…and building trust, which rebounds to the actual business.

scoble & microsoft stuff. letting people say that the company sucks, things are broken, etc.

what are people already doing: forums seem to be a biggish thing. internal meetings of what to do! yeah. internal blogs. (which leads me back around to the intranet.)

not getting into understanding the tools, because there’s lots of other sources.

listen & monitor. maybe this is where I need to be right now.

internal experimentation. typically first thing is a corporate blog. “gently” align with the corp.

organic spaces already emerging. (as we discovered)

Q: re ROI. (this came up on open source cu blog recently) flippant: what’s the ROI of a billboard? of a conversation at a coffee shop? two people just talking? when you can measure that, then you can measure social media roi. more seriously: actually it can be measured. opportunity costs. what would it cost to get the same media attention in advertising vs. attention to blogging. costs of blogging relatively low: mostly time. yep.

evangelist, educator & cheerleading. “yay, good for you!” but make sure somebody’s following. (I should go talk to MZ.)

community mgr. everybody is, but somebody gets paid for it.

organic blogger. hi. but then again, I don’t talk about work. how do you connect the organic & the corporate. the balance of credibility.

the Vice President. (aka my boss.)

corporate controller. the message owner. not changeable? go after the agnostics, not the atheists. do we have atheists? (I think we’re all godless pagans.)

what about legal? compliance is a big freaking deal.

use of social media outside of marketing. part of the entire product process.

but impacts to marketing. media, press, analysists (do we have those?). now add social media. less hyperbole, more pull strategies, meaning USEFUL. that’s what I’m trying to do with our email newsletter! (hmmmm, that makes me think about something. come back to that later.) customers as marketers, because they like you.

ceo of sun says “intranets are gonna die [are an anachronism].” talking outside of the firewall to build better products. how does that interact with compliance?! (also, I should probably also send my summary to the strategic planning people.)

nobody here’s heard of Dell’s ideastorm, voting on wanted features. now they are putting out laptops with linux, because of that kind of feedback.

forums as the main customer to customer tool.

data outside the firewall.

IT depts way behind the curve on this stuff, typically. “let’s ask IT if we can do that” IT says no and then Marketing runs off to Typepad, Blogger, et al. which has its own problems.

100 year old japanese company, and now they’re open, which means (theoretically) that anybody can do it. lots of stuff deployed. tied strategically to other company activities. understand the customer lifecycle. (and what about personas?)

what he learned, in many many bullet points. just absorbing.

“your employees are going to blog, no matter what.” (i know of at least one person on myspace.)

ethics policies cover online, why should it be any different from anywhere else? but of course. (I tried to use this over & over with pierce web guidelines: how do we handle the analogous situation IRL?)

Q: air traffic controller? internal blog observing everything happening in social media in our industry. oh, nice. (I have a creditunion tag on delicious.)

blah blah blah buzzwordyness. nothing super-new.

Q: DNA is not to share? how does it change the org? answer not helping. talking about orgs getting “run over”. have to change to still be relevant. BS. ah, yes, banks using blogs. comment from the audience about regulated industries, and when customers start to say things that the company can’t say. wells fargo building other sorts of blogs, related to other community issues NOT in regulated spaces. (I have hate for wells fargo from long ago, but it does sound like they’re the only one out there in the banks. the greater diversity of credit unions, IMHO, means that there are actually a handful out there. Verity is the one I keep an eye on.)

Q: social media in edu? yeah yeah yeah. nothing new here.

I’m too hungry & tired to really track, esp since I’m not getting anything new.

what a dick. so much blather. I’ve never fucking heard of ustream. oh, hell’s bells, describing the journalist as a “middleman”.

he said at the beginning he was going to be practical, and he really wasn’t, at least not as far as I’m concerned. all either stuff I knew, or WTF? stuff. more than anything else, an opportunity to rattle this around in my own head.  which I guess is good for something.

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