sunday evening, the house is quiet, and I’m working my way towards sleep.

yesterday we went to Procession of the Species with a friend, his daughter, and her friend. it’s a somewhat wacky/artsy parade, very Olympia. first time in years that we’ve been…since it’s the first time in years that it hasn’t been raining! I have photos, which I need to sort, review, and post. so it may be a bit.

we rode downtown to meet up with friend et al, and on the way down hit 27.3 miles per hour. on our bicycles. really.

I got a bike computer last weekend, so I’ve been having fun tracking speed, distance, etc. (my average speed to & from work is just over 11 mph.) I love the geekiness of it.

today we were out of sorts with each other, probably because we both overslept. we resolved it, finally, in a couple of hours of bike riding, in which I started to learn the finer points of trail riding in the safety of a park. also, I rode his bike for a while, which has a different feel to it, more nimble.

something about losing all the angst in exercise and the thrill of riding fast.

my mother fell and broke her hip two days ago, which was entirely shocking. a few weeks ago she tripped on the sidewalk at work and broke her arm pretty bad, so I imagine her balance is kinda sketchy. Elizabeth called from the hospital, where she’d just found out that mom was in surgery. definitely scary, and C and I talked about whether one or both of us needed to go down and help out.

but apparently it was the best possible result, given what had happened. she’s even putting weight on it already. mom has bones of steel. (lots of walking, lots of milk.)

the neighborhood association newsletter is done, and I’m glad (relieved?!) that it got written and printed and is going to be delivered without too much trauma. now we need to make sure everything’s set for the general meeting on the 10th.

one last thing: I’m going to be in Portland on Thursday and Friday this week for WebVisions. a little sad that it’s not going to be in July, since it’s usually on the hottest week of the year. aside from that, I’m looking forward to it, and of course will be posting my usual um…quirky? …notes.