on commuting

my new route to work is not as picturesque as the one it replaces, but it does have the benefit of being a bit less hilly. and I’ve discovered the beauties that it does hold.

the first 2/3 is a straight shot, south down a single road, bike lane all the way.

then I turn off into a twisting maze of older housing developments, old enough that they’ve soothed back into their surroundings. the traffic, as little as it is, is nearly always going in the opposite direction. the streets are relatively broad, but with few markings and no sidewalks. in the same way in a Wired article I read last year, it seems to breed a certain civility. the dog-walkers, joggers, people waiting for the bus, and of course the drivers, move more gracefully than you’d expect.

but most of the time, most of the ride is blissfully solitary. the winding streets have enough hilliness to give me some work and to be able to swoosh down the road.

I was looking at a map of the area and realized that there’s a confluence of roads that looks exactly like an infinity symbol.

this week I’ve ridden 3 days, which means 30+ miles. I still find that entirely astonishing. 3 years ago, I didn’t know how to ride a bike, and now I’m going 10 miles a day, most days. I think I’m increasing my speed a bit, too; I’d be so pleased if I could shave 10 minutes off my time each way….

thinking about the passage of time reminds me: last week was the 6th anniversary of my blog. which feels like a long time, but then again, it’s less time than I’ve been married, and I’m still surprised sometimes that I am married. if that makes any sense. here’s to six more years of blather, poetry, meanderings, and links.