avoiding bus trouble

So…I heard from the head Operations Supervisor at Intercity Transit…and apparently their insurance is clear about them being liable, and he didn’t think it looked like my bike was fitting properly.

::grumble grumble grumble::

Yesterday I was running late enough that I just drove my truck.

Today I rode, all the way from home to work and back, and I tried a different route so as to avoid the gnarliest of the hills.  That sucked.  Riding alongside traffic in the bike lane.

If drivers encountered a surface that crummy, there would be rioting in the street.

And on Yelm Highway, at least, the traffic moves way too fast and is way too close.  (That crazy lady, screaming and cursing at the traffic? That was me.)  In the afternoon, I took a detour that may have been a bit longer, but was more soothing, through winding cul-de-sacs and such.

Also, today I rode my bike to a midday errand, so altogether I got something like 20 miles of riding in.

I think I need a better saddle.

Today was the crazy spring weather that I’ve come to expect: when I left, cold and overcast; at lunchtime I got caught in a cloudburst, and now it’s bright and sunny with a sharp breeze.  I even wore my (clipon! super dorky!) sunglasses.

If it’s not raining tomorrow morning, I’m going to do it again.