back in the saddle

Nothing like a late-night ride to get one back into the cycling spirit.

We realized all at once that (a) we had videos overdue at Rainy Day, (b) we hadn’t had dinner, and (c) we were missing key ingredients for dinner. Also, the car is in the shop. So we got geared up and took off.

Within minutes we were both half-blind in the drizzle. Still, I felt exhilarated…and honestly didn’t have much time to think, trying to keep up with C, who is a very experienced — and fast — cyclist.

Going home, uphill, was as usual more exhausting. I’m proud to say that I only walked half a block, and managed to stay on my bike the rest of the time.

I’m right now debating whether to ride this morning. It’s (still? again?) raining, and I don’t like being blind in it. I may bus with the bike, in the hopes that the weather will improve by the afternoon.