first ride of ’07

Yesterday I bicycle-commuted for the first time since early November.  (As anticipated last fall, it kinda sucked not riding, but then again, most of that time it was pouring, freezing, or snowing.)  Yesterday and today, I did a half-and-half commute, riding part of the way, taking the bus the rest.

It’s good.  Really good.  I’m riding the first leg each way, and it’s just getting light in the morning, just getting dusky in the evening.  Chilly, but once I get going I warm up fast…although I took off my glove too early this morning.  And it’s beautiful.

Plus, since I can now take my bike all the way to work instead of leaving it at the vanpool parking lot, I have it around during the day.  Yesterday I took off at lunch (after giving my first big presentation at my new job, and feeling drained the way I do after that kind of social interaction) — on my bike, and rode the few blocks down to a restaurant in one of the strip malls.  It’s walking distance, but on the bike it took 5 minutes instead of 15.  Very nice.  I even had time to get a mocha on the way back.

Honestly, given my current levels of anxiety and irritability, getting back on the bike is just the thing I needed.  Yes, yes, the job is great, I’m just…feeling a little overwhelmed by the rest of my life, and dealing with winter, and so on and so on.

My boss asked me yesterday if I had started riding, and when I said yes, he said he thought it might be the first time anybody had ever used the bike racks at the (fairly new) building.  It definitely won’t be the last — I’m looking forward to a new year with lots and lots of riding.  (I even have some rain gear now….)