sunday scribblings: idea

This is neither poetry nor fiction, but since that was this week’s prompt, I thought I’d take a break to write out what I’m trying to do right now.

I’m working on a bit of itch-scratch-ware, writing a little program to help us grocery shop better.  There’s a basic list of recipes that we switch among from week to week, so I’ve got one table with the recipes, another with their ingredients, and a third joining them together.  Very very simple.

The idea being that one of us (or the two of us sitting together) can plan what we’re going to eat for dinner all week, then get a list of all the appropriate ingredients.  Then subtract what’s already in the house, and email and/or print the results for shopping when whomever has time.

It’s nothing fancy, and it’s likely to be exceedingly plain, but it could make my life a little easier, plus give me a real reason to do some dinking around.  (I might play with a framework, and maybe some shiny ajax stuff.)

So that’s tonight’s idea.

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  1. Sounds wonderful to me!!!! I have in my working life done very little cooking, but having a husband who is into apocolyptical (probably butchered that spelling)fantacies, my pantry is so jam packed with canned goods, I could probably feed the 2 of us for at least 2 weeks in the case of a hurricane, etc. Now retired, I am trying to cook more and often go out and buy everything needed to prepare what ever I’ve planned, tho I probably already have on hand most of what I need. If you need someone to test your program once it’s developed, I volunteer. And, truly, the simpler the better. SC

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