good grief

The weather reports are saying we’re going to get snow. And maybe thunderstorms.

This is the craziest winter ever.

Yep, it’s only January 9. Two months and two weeks to go.

How’m I holding up? As well as could be expected, I guess. Actually, the more extreme weather doesn’t hurt my mood at all. (except for sleeping in the cold) It’s those long stretches of dark & rain without end. November was tough that way — most rain ever recorded. Ever.

But the very darkest stretch of the year had the distraction of leaving one job and starting another.

Once the turning point of the solstice passes, I get a little jolt of optimism.

We may be getting snow (snow!) but it ain’t getting any darker.

Update, Jan 10: an inch or two overnight, and it is snowing right this minute (8:15 am) quite steadily. Very happy, this morning, to be riding the bus.

4 Replies to “good grief”

  1. We haven’t had any snow at all this year yet. We’ve barely gotten below freezing. I feel like I live in North Carolina instead of New Jersey. A few days ago the temperature was in the 70s. I had to check the calendar to make sure it was really January.

    Something is seriously wrong.

  2. No kidding…after the last 8 or 9 years, I was starting to think that we’d never get snow again, and then this year has been just insane. ::sigh::

  3. Well then there is us down here.
    Most years we have 4 inches of rain by this time of year this year we had 1.
    We are worried because this has been the windiest year to date and for us wind can mean fire. Which we have had.

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