day 3

we went home last night, where we had phone back but still no power and slept in multiple layers of clothes, in our sleeping bags, under many layers of blankets. temps were down in the 20s last night, and when I went out this morning, there was a half-inch of frost on just about everything.


I had a hair appointment scheduled for today, so we went downtown (where the power is still just dandy) and I got my hair done while C had coffee. (I have bangs now!) I felt so very very nice getting my head massaged and then hair shampooed, etc.

on the way down, we saw a tree on top of a downed power line, so I called PSE. first of all, that particular downed line wasn’t on their map. (!) then, the guy I talked to gave me a bit of an update on our situation. Thurston county has apparently been hit hard by all this, and they don’t know when we’ll get power again. although not all of that is bad news: they’re getting more crews, which makes it hard to estimate, apparently.

so after the hair appointment we drove north again and I am once again in someone else’s warm dry kitchen. huzzah! in payment, C helped bring in their Christmas tree & ornaments, and I’m going to make mac & cheese later.

oooh, and the whole LotR sequence is on TV!

I imagine we’ll go home again tonight, whether the power is on or not, mostly to make sure the kitten posse is okay. (tiny Sasha spent last night curled up between us.) I am still hoping against hope that we’ll have power again sometime tomorrow.

I feel floating in limbo. Between jobs, unable to relax in my own house, sleep cycle entirely disrupted. To my surprise, it’s not an entirely unpleasant sensation.

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  1. Things are mostly back to normal in north Seattle, though it is kind of weird in spots. Stores are out of really random things. Our grocery store didn’t have any milk, ice cream, or yogurt, though they had cheese. One a little further up has milk but no bananas.

    We have a lot of huge trees down in our neighborhood, but we were lucky — somehow, we were some of the few to not lose power in the north end. I don’t know why we kept out power. Just dumb luck I guess.

    Hope things get back to normal for you soon!

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