no power, con’t

Thursday night was the big wind, and the power went out at about midnight. Yesterday we went out a couple of times, once down to Centralia to return something, then for a trip out to Fred Meyer (with lunch at Taco Del Mar) and again in the evening when we were cold and bored to Old School Pizza.

I slept pretty well until maybe one or two am, and then just unevenly.

Now we are visiting with a friend in Puyallup at least for today and maybe overnight.  Here it is warm and bright, I have taken a shower, and as a bonus, there’s TV!  (And yes, the internets, too.)

I’m just hoping, hoping, hoping that the power comes on tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Because — hey! — I start my new job on Tuesday, and I’d really like to take a shower and have clean clothes beforehand.