big news, expanded

I promised more detail, so here it is….

My last day at Pierce is December 13, and my first day at TwinStar is December 19; I’m taking a microvacation inbetween to do some things around the house and reset my head.

I’ll still be doing web “stuff” — although with some server administation as well. That part: a little scary, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up pretty easily. I’ll also probably be doing a lot more intranet work, which I think is pretty exciting.

I’m working at their HQ in Lacey, which for those non-local folk, is the next town over from me.  It’s about 5 1/2 miles, on two bus routes that also pass within three blocks of my house, and in reasonable proximity to my favorite bike trail.  So that’s a big deal.  Commuting, even with the vanpool, has been kicking my ass.

There shouldn’t be a whole bunch of change around this place; I’m planning on continuing with the agreement I made with my old boss (who left last week, btw) in terms of writing about work.  The “academia” tag in my Snapping Links is likely to get a whole lot less use, and I’m unsubscribing a few of the higher-ed specific blogs.

I’ve requested time off in March with the plan of going to SXSW, although if funds are tight, we may take a trip to California instead.

I am very excited and a little freaked out, also working crazy-hard to clear up everything to leave my assistant in a fairly good spot.  (He’s a great guy and already going to be overloaded.)  Six years is a long time: as long as my last two jobs put together, longer than I’ve had this blog, so there’s a lot to do.

Plus I have a forest of houseplants, a comfy chair, and a ginormous painting to move, among other things….

So, yeah.  I’m kinda distracted.  But happy.  Definitely happy.

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