storing bits of our life in gdocs

A tiny lifehacker-ish thing….

There are two of us, and ($DEITY help us) four computers in this house.  (Not counting my work computer.) Plus we’ve been continuously (albeit veeeerrrrryyyy slllloooowwwwlllyyy) remodeling, so even paper stuff has a tendency to not necessarily be in the same place that the other person remembered it being.

So organizing our financial life, and other listy things, has been something of a hassle.

Shockingly, I think I found a solution that both of us are happy with in Google Docs.  We’re not keeping anything particularly sensitive, just a spreadsheet with names, dates and amounts, so both of us know what’s due when.  And can get to that information from wherever, whenever.  It results in much more mental calm and confidence for both of us.

Today I added another spreadsheet for holiday shopping/card list/etc.  (Yeah, yeah, running late as usual, whatever.)  I’ve used Calc/Excel spreadsheets for this sort of thing for a while, but again: it’s on one computer, usually in my personal profile.  Now we can both get to it, and when he figures out a good gift for somebody, he can just write that down, and vice versa, without counting on each other to remember until later.