dusting of snow

This morning I woke up well before dawn to the usual fussing of cats wanting to go outside.  I just happened to glance over to the patio door as Boingo rushed outside…and saw a good inch of snow covering everything!

I went back to sleep and woke again after sunrise (such as it was) — no more snow, but the snow still there.  So I got up in the hopes of catching some photos for this year’s Christmas card.

Alas, it was raining when I went outside, so I only got a couple of quick snapshots.

And by late afternoon the snow was all gone, except for a teensy spot behind the car.  (BTW, I’m feeling proud of myself yesterday for thinking, “hey, it could snow: let’s clean off the carport so the car can fit.”)

“They” say that we might get some more tonight and tomorrow.  (Then Tuesday it’s just supposed to be hella cold.)  Keep your fingers crossed for me.