things for which I am thankful

With the weather as it is right now — cold and raining pretty much sideways — I’m grateful for a warm roof over my head.  And for my new (free!) bedframe and cute Ikea sheets.  (Also for neighborhood free piles, which I have both created and taken from.)
I’m thankful for our friend C, and for all the D&D that he & C & I have been playing (with J occasionally).  And for his level-headed good humor.

The good people I’ve been able to work with this year.  The cool projects I’ve been able to work on.  Being able to work from home, and even better, from B&B downtown with the free wifi.

The farmer’s market, and especially the friendly folks at Stewart Meats and their really fine local products.  Including the turkey that I’ll be starting on shortly.

C’s silly singing, which I’m being subjected to right now.  And of course for his general presence in my life over the last almost 10 years, smart and funny, even if a little too intense sometimes.

The cats, as usual.  (I still miss Maddy.)

My garden, in all its madness.  Also the solid methodology of square-foot gardening, for giving me a good framework.

My bicycle; this year in particular, for finding buckets to attach to the rack for $10 at the downtown yard sale, so it could be my pack horse all summer long.

The library!

The internets!

I’m very thankful that I was able to go to SXSW back in March.  I was able to resolve some outstanding emotional issues that go way, way back, to reconnect with an old friend, and to meet new friends.  Plus it was totally brain-expanding, and an opportunity for some solo time.

My kid sister, who continues to be a cool interesting and incredibly supportive person.

My doctor, my physical therapist, and my (now retired) therapist.  Plus bupropion.

Yoga classes at work.

That I kept going through the mood crashes and awful days, through bursts of sadness and despair and frustration, and that I’m still here and alive and ready to keep going.