long weekend #1

I took a couple of days off at the end of last week, and it was a crazy & productive weekend….

Living room floor is back to the subfloor, which is almost almost almost done, in prep for putting the carpet down for real.  Probably would’ve been done yesterday, but we were out dealing with tree branches.  That was a comedy of errors in itself, with a “chipping event” that couldn’t be found and a trip to the dump instead…in the pouring rain.  Yes, after three days of sun, too.

Trip to Ikea on Thursday, which was shockingly way less stressful than those sorts of things usually are!  We bought some doodads, including some very lovely stainless steel utensil holders, lots of candles (strange but true: Ikea is a great source for cheap candles), and one piece of furniture.  Supposedly a kitchen cart/drawer thing, but we both looked at it and said: tool chest!  As usual, it was a PITA to put together.  But in this case, the result was really good.  As in, showing it off to anyone who happened to be handy, including the owner of the house next door.

I finally got a ride in, out to the Albertson’s a mile or so away for some breakfast-related things.  (Including half and half, my notorious thing to buy out on a ride.)  Felt really good, but oh I’m missing my regular rides.

Plus D&D Saturday, one of the better games, in which our characters laid waste to a ginormous lizardman posse that was attacking one of the outposts on the way back to our mountain fastness.  (Where we’re headed to pick up our cohorts & maybe some red-shirts so as to take on the strange doings around the mysterious meteor that destroyed Astercroix.)  As A. at work says: good times.  Also: cleave! 😉

This weekend, of course, is also a long weekend.  Yesterday we got our Thanksgiving dinner shopping done, barring any last-minute stuff.  Planning on more housework, too….