bits + pieces

  • NaNoWriMo? Doing okay, writing in my laptop in the van, but not really getting much time to write otherwise.
  • Kitchen? I’m taking 2 days off this week so that C & I can do a bunch of stuff that requires 2 well-rested humans.
  • The World’s Tallest Crabapple Tree ™ is no more. In Olympia & want apple wood? Just holler. 😉 (Pictures soon.)
  • I left a bucket out in the yard one day last week, and over the course of a day or two it completely filled up. Today we have a break, but it’s supposed to start again tomorrow. Go fall!
  • On that note, yesterday was the first time I got on my bike in over a week, although it was just to run down to the vet.
  • And…I got a response to my kvetching about rainpants over at Starling Fitness. How cool is that?
  • Also, I noticed that in order to make this design work, I need to write a real post at least once every 5 days. Not that that’s a bad thing….